Being Shortlisted is Good, Being Hired is Even Better!

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Being Shortlisted is Good, Being Hired is Even Better!

Going to a job interview is like being a guest to an acquaintance’s home.

Recruiters have invited you to their premise to spend time getting to know each other better.

Take advantage of this opportunity.

What is true for you is also true for recruiters!

Since recruiters represent their company, they must “sell” the role they are looking to fill in and promote their employer value proposition.

They cannot afford to miss the right candidate.

Most of the time, when a job interview is over, it is difficult for you to do anything more.

Imagine this, you are invited to a job interview. It is going well – your resume and the role you applied for were the centre of the discussion, the ambience was friendly and probably pleasant.

You could be satisfied with how it went, however that would have been a huge mistake!

Always strive for more in a job interview even if you feel that it is going well.

Put yourself forward, demonstrate your uniqueness and convince recruiters that you would be the perfect person for the role.

Do not limit yourself to just the content of  your resume.

Instead, turn the job interview into a work meeting!

Do a research on the role in the company, in the current market and also the expertise or skills it requires.

Add in insights based on your experience and start to discuss collaborative solutions to specific issues.

Also, do not hesitate to talk about weak points or skill gaps that you may have in meeting the role’s requirements.

This will demonstrate your professional maturity.

You can even take it a step further by positioning your gaps as a motivation factor to align your career objectives with the company. Recruiters will definitely be moved and see you as an asset to the company.

Be enthusiastic, be eager. Show that you are overflowing with energy and channel it through your ideas and creative solutions.

Voilà, that is how you turn a job interview into a work meeting. By the end of it, the recruiters might already see you as a colleague rather than just another candidate.

One last tip, don’t forget to smile 🙂

Good luck!