Spa Manager

Full-time | Grooming/Beauty/Fitness |  1 Mont Kiara / The Curve

Main Responsibilities:

Main Job :-

  • Overlooking 4 outlets within the radius of 5 km, one at The Curve and another 3 at Mont Kiara
  • Leading a team of 10-12 front desk staff
  • Overlooking 40 spa therapists

Job Scope :-

1. Making Sure Target Hit

  • Ensure respective FD hit individual package target
  • Ensure respective FD work together to hit monthly sales target
  • Monitoring sales figures
  • Designing and implementing strategic sales plan that expands company’s customer base

2. Managing and Motivating Front Liner FD

  • Counselling, coaching, supporting and encouraging FD in achieving sales
  • Weekly review and evaluation of each FD’s performance and sales figure
  • Implement SOP for sales and constantly monitoring to ensure smooth implementation
  • Conduct training in services and product knowledge
  • Evaluate performance, produce overall performance report of each FD to management

3. Customer Service (SUB)

  • Training the concierge
  • Setting customer service standard for FD; ensure accurate customer service standard meets staff grooming
  • Enhance FD communication skills
  • Simple problem solving skills
  • FAQ training, minimize complaints

4. Operation

  • Scheduling staff timetable
  • Handling complaints
  • Hiring and recruiting when needed

5. Others

  • Tracking voucher sales redemption rates, loyalty points redemption and implementation
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Streamline discounts and current promotions
  • Generating monthly sales report

Additional Benefits

  • Medical claim
  • Bonus (subject to performance)
  • Company trip
  • Monthly Free Spa Service

Questions for the candidates:

Question 1

How would your current boss describe your work and contribution?

Question 2

What didn't you get a chance to include on your résumé?

Question 3

Describe the work environment in which you will most effectively be able to contribute.

Company Profile:

Urban Retreat Spa

(Registration No. 739200-W)
A multi-award winning spa set within the Curve (Petaling Jaya) and 1 Mont Kiara (Kuala Lumpur).