Corporate, Media Relation & Content Manager

Full-time | Healthcare/Medical |  Subang Jaya

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Our client is looking for a creative and well connected Corporate, Media Relation & Content Manager to join their clinic marketing team!

Job description is as below:

Media Relation

  • Build a relationship with all media channels; print, digital, radio, tv etc
  • To connect with Chief Editor, Exec Producer, Journalist etc
  • To increase company’s and Dr’s authority and credibility through media interview and appearance
  • To plan, develop, execute and manage media plan


  • To identify and tie up with partners/companies who shared the same target market profile; premier banking, high net-worth database, etc
  • Forecast, measure, and report the results of various projects with partners, including co-created and/or co-branded content promotions, lead sharing, and/or event partnerships.


  • Create content to grow the company’s footprint  (press releases, corporate announcements, and creative content like SlideShares, Blog, Social Media, YouTube etc)
  • Excellent attention to detail both for writing, editing copy, and consistency in style and tone across our content.

Corporate Relation

  • Planning, conceptualizing, developing, implementing, managing and overseeing various internal and external engagement programmes and events
  • Represent company to maintain good and ensure adequate corporation visibility & messaging


  • Necessary and equivalent experience required for the job scope
  • Strong media relations across all channel with the producers, editors and journalist
  • Strong corporate network for outreach partnership
  • Strong command in the written language of Chinese and English
  • Skills of handling digital media platforms, photography, videography, video editing etc

Questions for the candidates:

Question 1

Tell me about the proudest creative project you've led/created.

Question 2

What media partners have you worked with before? Rate from 0-10, 0 being bad and 10 being really good, your relationship with the media partners.

Question 3

What can you do that’s different from other candidates?

Due date: 5 January 2018