Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Splenday App

How do I sign up and get started?

To create a Splenday account with email address:

  1. Download the Splenday app from Google Play Store (Android).
  2. Once the app is installed, tap to the icon and open it.
  3. Pick the option between User or Recruiter, and then choose Sign Up
  4. Insert your Full Name, Password and Email Address and tap Sign Up.

How do I edit my profile?

To update your profile information:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap triple dot icon on the upper right and tap Edit Profile
  3. Type in your new profile information like Full name, Language, Education, Job Experience
  4. Tap the tick icon on the upper right

How do I change my topic selection?

To change the topic selection for your home feed:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Tap triple dot icon on the upper right and tap Edit Profile
  3. Scroll to Topics and pick 3 topics you are interested in
  4. Tap OK then the tick icon on the upper right to save your profile

How do I ask a question on Job Discussion?

To ask a question on Splenday home feed:

  1. Go to your home feed
  2. Tap on the Ask button
  3. Type your questions in the text area. Maximum text characters is 200.
  4. If you choose to ask a question anonymously, tap on the Anonymous switch
  5. Tap on the Next button and choose three topics that are most relevant to your question. If there are no suitable topic, suggest one.
  6. Hit Submit.
How do I edit my question?

To edit a question you posted:

  1. Tap on your question
  2. Top on the three dots symbol on the top right and choose Edit Question
  3. Edit your question in the text area
  4. Hit Submit
How do I delete my question?

To delete a question you posted:

  1. Tap on your question
  2. Top on the three dots symbol on the top right and choose Delete Question.
How do I answer a question on Job Discussion?

To answer a question, all you need to do is tap on the message icon and type on the text area!

When should I use the "Report" link?

When you spot any offensive, assaulting, or spammy post that you feel like it should not be on Splenday. Be sure to check out our community guidelines if you’re unsure about it!

How do I find my anonymous post?

It will appear under the “Posts” section on your own profile. Don’t worry, it is only visible to you and not others!

What happens if my question is already asked?

You can “like” the question that’s been posted to receive notifications. Or if you’d like, you can always ask the question on your own again.

What happens when I "Like" a question ?

You will receive notification whenever a new answer is posted.

What happens when I answer to a comment on my anonymous question?

Don’t worry, you comment remains anonymous!

Why is it important to complete my profile?

So that your account will stand out more. You will give other users a complete list of your experiences and other information about you.

Why should I follow a Recruiter on Splenday?

So that you get to know them better. You will be the first to know whenever they make a new posts and you will be able to interact with them!

How do I find a job on Splenday ?

You ask for it!

About Splenday

What is Splenday?

Splenday is the job searching app created with YOU in mind. Our entire business revolves around a simple belief – people are everything.

Splenday brings social into your everyday career advancement and job searching experience. Instead of having the recruitment process to begin with your resume and the job application, we intervene BEFORE the job searching process. Think of Splenday as a new alumni network or a referrer, except you start by participating in our app. We help you get to know your future employer or employee before the first job interview. We help you get discovered and connect you to your potential coworker.

What does Splenday mean?

Short for Splendid Day, because the day that you get a new job is a Splendid Day!

How does this app work?

Very simple, it works when you ask and answer questions on our Job Discussion section. All you need to do is post any career, job or skills related question; or on the other hand, answer any question in which you can share your knowledge and expertise.

If you see a question that you are interested to know of the answer, “like” the post and you will receive notification when the question is answered. Questions with more “likes” will be bumped up to gain more visibility.

For more specific how-to’s, load down to our Using the Splenday App section below.

Who can participate in the job discussion?

Anybody on the platform! Whether you’re a fellow recruiter, job seeker or just checking out our app, you can ask and answer questions as long as you sign up at Splenday.

Why should I post on Splenday?

To find your answers and network with others while you are at it!

Why should I contribute to answer on Splenday?

You will be helping others to take on their career development. The benefits may not be instant, but you can definitely see it in the near future!

Do I have to be an expert to answer questions?

Absolutely not. We believe that candidates and employees may be expert in their respective fields!

How do I share the Splenday App with my friends?

Tap on the + Invite button on the side bar and copy the link to your clipboard. Share that link with your friends and family.

How does the Reputation Levels work?

The calculation of your posts popularity is done via the algorithm based on post engagement and post likes. The more active you stay on our platform, the quicker you will up a level!

I want more from Splenday. How do I tell you what I want?

Feel free to drop us a message from the “Talk to Splenday” button on the sidebar!

Safety and Privacy

How will Splenday maintain my anonymity?

Whether or not you choose to post anonymously, your full name will not be shown on our app. Only the first name and an initialled last name will be shown. Besides that, your name is also not indexed on any search engine, thus not searchable from external sources. For example, if your name is Ali Tan, only Ali T. will be shown on Splenday and your name will not be shown on Google through a Splenday link.

How do we prevent misuse of Splenday?

Our admins are very quick to reply and take actions on any reported case

What does Splenday do with my data and information?

All of the data collected on the Splenday will be used internally at Splenday Asia Sdn Bhd and all of its affiliate products or events.

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