Hire with Splenday

With over 10 years of recruiting experience and close connection with great candidates, Splenday is the perfect solution for your recruitment problem.


Job Postings

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike other job platforms in the market, Splenday pride on the quality over quantity of the candidates we offer. Through our highly comprehensive talent scouting processes, Splenday attracts only the most motivated and initiative candidates.

Simple Yet Selective Application Process

When filling up the application, applicants are asked to answer 3 questions catered to the recruiter’s need. Applicants who take time to answer the questions well are considered as they show real interest in the vacancy and are willing to take the extra mile to impress the recruiter.  Lastly, through our screening, only the cream of the crop gets referred to the recruiters!

Direct Access to Hidden Talents

Through our BlaBlaJob app and recruitment services, we already have a pool of excellent candidates who might be your next employee. If we spot any candidates that are perfect for your opening, we will personally refer them to your job posting for higher chances of successful recruitment!