Splenday is a mobile social app that revolutionises your job searching experience at your fingertips.

Founded in France, Splenday has now landed its foot in Malaysia and is here to change the game of the job searching industry. Splenday is a job portal, a social platform, and it has its own referral program. Our platform fosters more interaction between job seekers and employers, resulting in a better job searching experience.

Know your future boss or employee before meeting them

Resumes play an important role in your job search. But, they also minimise the interaction between candidates and recruiters, which causes a lot of information to be lost during the communication. Eventually, job interviews that are successfully conducted fail because you are not meeting what you expect to meet.

At Splenday, we solve this problem. We offer a social platform to help recruiters and candidates get noticed by one another. It gives opportunities for employers to get engaged with future talents and it also promotes employer branding. We want you to know your future boss or employee before meeting them. It is an easy concept!

Ask what you want to know about your job and get it!

Splenday is a social collaboration space that allows users to interact fluidly by sharing notes, ideas, feedbacks and latest updates about different job industries. Many questions relating to work are often left unanswered due to the fear of looking stupid in front of employers or colleagues. Yet, answers to these questions are often crucial to an employee’s personal development. They might affect the employee’s compensation package, health, safety and sometimes even personal relationships.

This is why we provide a social yet safe space for the very purpose – to get your questions answered. To ensure employees’ safety and encourage honest questions, users will remain semi-anonymous on Splenday. This is done by having avatars as profile pictures and initialing all last names. Splenday is not just another job searching app. It is a community created to make your career advancement fun and interactive. It adds the “social” aspect to your job search and promises quality answers to find employers or employees that best fit you.